Skin small iron beauty equipment

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This equipment uses high-quality iron, the surface of the skin with a small iron beauty equipment. It is safe, reliable and easy to use. The small iron beauty equipment is suitable for personal use at home.


  • Micro-current: relieves and gently irritates the skin and promotes APT production.
  • Acoustic vibration: massage reaches the dermis layer, and the lifting effect is better.
  • Warm massage: stimulate skin movement, double the absorption of skin care essence and nutrients.
  • Iontophoresis deep penetration: through the positive and negative ions cross-electrolytic nutrition, so that skin care products penetrate the bottom layer of the skin
  • LED red light function: skin iron uses red light beauty, increase muscle bottom elastic protein to make skin Q elastic and smooth
  • Multi-purpose machine: The body of the face, the skin absorbs skin care products in many places, and the skin is shiny and elastic.
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