Lavender Detox Foot Patches

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  • Soak your feet or clean your skin before going to bed;
  • Tear up the plastic bag and take out the foot paste powder bag. There are positive and negative sides to the powder bag. Please paste one side of the print on the adhesive. There are obvious small stomatal holes facing the sole.
  • Put the foot paste powder bag on the foot heart Yongquan acupoint smoothly.
  • Foot paste can be fixed on the sole. At least 6-8 hours at the sole of the foot. After getting up, tear off the whole foot sticker slowly and use a paper towel or warm and wet wool to extract two places. (For hygienic consideration, use one sticker and foot sticker subcontract only once.)


This product is only for external use. Children should be strictly touched and eaten. If there is any discomfort in use, please stop using it. The caking phenomenon caused by water is normal and does not affect the use.