Hand-made Japanese Cute Lolita Plush KC Fox Ears

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Product information:

  • Material: Cloth
  • Style: Cartoon
  • Style: Unisex
  • Modeling: Fox Ears
  • Processing technology: manual
  • Applicable gift-giving occasions: weddings, travel souvenirs, cute
  • Packing: Bulk
  • Color Fold Ear Fox Ears-Black and White-Black, Fold Ear Fox Ears-Black Grey-Black, Fold Ear Fox Ears-Black Red-Black, Fold Ear Fox Ears-Black Pink-Black, Fold Ear Fox Ears-White Black-White, Fold-eared fox ears-white pink-white, Fold-eared fox ears-white gray-white, Fold-eared fox ears-white red-white, Fold-eared fox ears-gray-grey, Fold-eared fox ears-grey black-grey, Fold-eared fox Ears-Camel White-Meat, Folded Ears Fox Ears-Camel Black-Meat, Folded Ears Fox Ears-Pink White-Pink, Folded Ears Fox Ears-Pink Black-Pink, please contact customer service for product customization and suggestions. Fox Ears-White Black-Pink, Folded Ears Fox Ears-Gray White-Pink, Folded Ears Fox Ears-Watermelon Red Black-Pink, Folded Ears Fox Ears-Watermelon Red White-Pink, Folded Ears Fox Ears-Black and White-Pink, Folded Ears Fox Ears-White Grey-Pink
  • Popular elements: animals, color matching
  • A: Fold-eared fox ears-black and white-black,
  • B: Fold-eared fox ears-black gray-black,
  • C: Folding Fox Ears-Black Red-Black
  • , D: Folded Fox Ears-Black Pink-Black,
  • E: Folding Fox Ears-White Black-White,
  • F: Fold-eared fox ears-white powder-white,
  • G: Folded Fox Ears-White Gray-White
  • H:, Folding Fox Ears-White Red-White,
  • I: Folded Fox Ears-Gray-Gray
  • , J: Folding Fox Ears-Gray Black-Gray
  • , K: Fold-eared Fox Ears-Camel White-Meat,
  • L: Fold-eared fox ears-camel black-meat,
  • M: Fold-eared fox ears-pink white-pink,
  • N: Folded Fox Ears-Pink Black-Pink,

Packing list:

  • Headwear*1