Ceramic pear flower perm

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There are 3 temperature settings to select from; 190,210 and 230. We recommend you always start with the lowest temperature setting and increase the level of heat as required. There are 3 timer settings with audio beep indicator .These different settings will give different curl effects. the longer the time the hair is held inside the curl chambe, the more defined the curl will be. But results will also wary sccording to hair type .

  • when the '0' setting is selected there will be no beep indicator to advise when to release the styler. Take extra care when using this setting.
  • CURL DIRECTION SETTING ( Right / Left / Auto )
  • Use the Curl direction control to choose either a uniform or natural finish. Select the curl direction by sliding the switch to either left 'L' or right 'R'.
  • When styling the left side of the hair, slide the curl direction switch to the left position - 'L'. When stying the right side of the hair , slide the switch to the right position - 'R' .This ensures that the curl sits towards fhe face on both sides of the head and will give a more uniform style.
  • For a more natural look then select the auto setting 'A' This will alternate the direction atfer each curl.