Hot Chilli Coffee Slimming Gel

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The main raw materials:
  • natural red pepper oil, natural propolis , natural ginger extract,  seaweed essence ,carbopol, tea, water,etc. 
  •  Slim and beautiful curves, skin slimming effect:
  • Whole new generation slimming massage Gel with natural red pepper oil, natural propolis , natural ginger extract and seaweed extract ingredients , for those
  • parts of hypertrophic fat can directly promote Remarks circulation , moisture, shrink , in order to achieve a slim profile , slimming Body effect.
  • Usage & Suggestions:Drinking a glass of water before use.Apply the gel on the part you think it's fat (wrist , arm , waist, abdomen , buttocks , thighs,etc.) from bottom up massage.To prevent too hot, a certain amount gradually increased from less to more, every day! ! !


  • After 15 minutes , you will feel hot. Due to different skin types, different degrees of hot feeling, if you can use alcohol-based products and it can help to reduce hot feeling.If you do not feel hot,you can wrap in plastic wrap to micro heat and then remove it.Please do not re-apply.