Perm Eyelash Set

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  • 1. Clean the eyes. Use detergent to clean the dust on eyelashes and eye makeup
  • 2. After cleaning, put an eye patch on the lower eyelid of the eye and prepare to perm the eyelashes
  • 3. Put the sunflower edge patch on the eyes, and glue the upper eyelashes to the sunflower edge for 1 minute
  • 4. Use No. 1 ironing agent (white) to apply on the eyelashes, cover with plastic wrap, and wait for 8-12 minutes
  • 5. After scraping off the scald with Y brush, apply fixative (blue), cover with plastic wrap and wait for 8-12 minutes
  • 6. After cleaning the fixative, apply the nourishing agent (yellow) and wait for 4-5 minutes
  • 7. Finally, clean the eyes with a cleanser (transparent), and finish perming the eyelashes


  • Weight: 0.14 kg
  • Size:16.0 cm * 12.0 cm * 2.0 cm
  • Product category: perm lashes set
  • Production process: semi-manual

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