Massage belt, vibration, heating massage belt

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The massage belt provides a heated, vibrating Shiatsu massage to help relieve tension and fatigue. The belt fits most waist sizes and has 8 massage nodes that provide a deep penetrating massage. The belt also comes with a remote control that has 3 massage modes and 2 heat modes for added comfort.


  • Help the Lord to eliminate excess fat in the back, shoulders, waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and calves 
  • Promote gastric peristalsis, help the mains clean up the intestines, improve constipation, colleagues effectively block the oil, and achieve the effect of detoxification, slimming, and beauty. 
  • The layer of tension and relaxation makes the skin more tight and elastic 
  • Promote blood circulation and clean up fat in blood vessels 
  • Relieve neurasthenia and relieve mental stress. 
  • Physiotherapy and health care rouge, strong internal organs, increase the overall disease resistance. And reduce the production of lactic acid, eliminate back pain and relieve fatigue.